Real Estate Law

One focus of our work is advising and representing clients in the area of real estate law.

Apart from advising on the purchase and sale of real estate, brokerage law or tenancy law, we advise on all aspects relating to real estate.

In particular, commercial tenancy law with all its pitfalls is one of our specialities. The legally sound drafting of agreements is a key factor for our clients – be it to secure the foundation of your business or to secure ongoing revenue of an investment. In any case, profound contract drafting ensures the flawless course of any tenancy. Another aspect of our consulting practice concerns cross-sectional issues, such as the protection of tenants´ personal data during the initiation and conclusion of the agreement, or property protection.

acanthus legal and Dominik Hoidn are among the most important German Real Estate lawyers according to the latest issue “Immobilienanwälte 2020/2021” of the German Real Estate Periodical / IZ Immobilienzeitung