Court proceedings follow their own rules.

We specialise in litigation and are proficient in the interplay between the principles of burden of proof, conclusive and substantiated submission as well as the particularities of the different types of evidence gathering (e.g. witness evidence or expert opinions).

We are frequently consulted by colleagues, e.g. from the fields of corporate law or construction law, in order to support their litigation or take the entire lead in their court proceedings. These colleagues are themselves proven experts in their fields. Nevertheless, they trust and rely on our forensic experience when it comes to court proceedings.

In addition to traditional litigation at state courts, we also represent our clients in arbitration proceedings (such as ad hoc proceedings according to the 10th Book of the German Code of Civil Procedure, DIS proceedings, ICC proceedings). If appropriate, we also represent and advise our clients in all other methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution such as mediation, arbitration, proceedings before ombudspersons or conciliation boards.